About Megan

Oh, hey guys! So happy you are here! My name is Megan Cash and I have been photographing weddings, families, and all sorts of special moments for over 4 years now. I just got married in October 2017 to my best friend Jeremy (cheesy, I know). We live, work, and play in Omaha, Nebraska but we try to travel as much as we possibly can to places like Lake Tahoe, Denver, New York, and we just recently got back from our honeymoon in the Caribbean. When I'm not taking photos, I love to spend time with my family & friends (cheesy, I know). I also love to chug coffee and watch the real housewives of literally anywhere. I have probably seen every episode of every franchise and I would kill housewives trivia if there were such a thing. People and relationships fascinate me and I think that is why I love portrait photography so much. I am genuinely interested in your story and how you got to this point in your lives. I want to know how you met and where you are going and how to capture these fleeting moments in your life. Let me buy you a cup of coffee and we can chat (cheesy, I know)!